Sunday, January 6, 2013

Shuukan Spell (with Magical) Week 3

Shuukan Spell (with Magical) Week 3

This week this Thai Dance cover group inner idols and darkside comes out. So let’s take a look at what Magical cover Afilia Saga East has to say to start the new year. Please offer your encouragement and support to them as the members visit this site often.

This week the question was a joint project between myself[Gaki] and  Magical member Prae

Shuukan Spell #3
- You’re going to the world’s scariest haunted house, which member would you take with you and why?

Piko : Take Kimay and stab ghost's stomach with phychotic face.

Momin : Take Cake because she seems not to be afraid? haha

Fernne : Take Jahoii and be trolls to ghosts together (I don't afraid of ghosts)

BB : Take Fernne because I think she can protect me. *hug* ///v///

Jahoii : Take Gift. I wanna see someone screams. A_A (I will make her scream! -..-b)

Prae : Take Cake. To be a troll in front of ghosts, maybe they will confuse. haha

Lukpud : Take Little with me because she is an influential person and ghosts will scare of her. So they will get out of our way like Moses and the Red sea was separated into two halves by God. And when she's angry with them, maybe she will kill them all. (Is it possible that ghosts will die for the 2nd time? ==\)

Palm : No need to bring someone because I will runaway for sure!

Kimay : Take everyone with me. LOL

Noonnim : Take Fernne because I think Fernne is ikemen(?). She can protect me. haha

Cake : Cake will take Jahoii. Ghosts may runaway because Jahoii will go touching ghosts' breast.(?) haha

Little : I will bring Lukpud with me and order her to make a theory speech to ghosts. They will be stunned for sure.

Gift : Can I not go into that house? I'm too scared. I want to run back to my home. haha

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