Wednesday, January 16, 2013

PASSPO☆ Sakura Komachi

I'm late, especially for a group I love, and follow, but PASSPO☆ has released the PV for their 7th single Sakura Komachi.

Sakura Komachi means cherry blossom town, and it follows the popular idol trend of having "sakura" in the name. The b-sides are NO. 1 Boy, and Wish on a Star. PASSPO stated that this single is supposed to be a sad love song, and I agree! Next to their thrid single, Kimi wa Boku wo Suki ni naru, this is as idol-ish as PASSPO☆ has ever gotten. But I don't really mind because Sakura Komachi isn't bad at all!

The beginning of the song features a really cute instrumental, then the rest of the instrumental reminds me of an AKB song. The chorus is catchy. And whats amazing about this song is that even though it is idol music, it still contains some classic PASSPO☆ rock. The PV is beautiful. I like how, instead of the classic pink/white, PASSPO☆ went sort of original and did a blue theme instead. All of the girls look so pretty and lovely.

Sakura Komachi is a nice, and simple PV, and it really stands out amongst all of the idol graduation songs. Will be released February 13!


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