Sunday, January 6, 2013


 Idol group SUPER GiRLS just released the PV to one of their songs from their album. Celebration, is SUPER GiRLS 3rd album, and it features many new songs, as well as old.

Is this really S☆G?!!! was my first thought when I saw the video. Their whole look is just so radically different than what it usually is, that I thought it was another idol group. The girls actually look like a mature group, and they remind me a lot of C-ute. Some of the members are even wearing pants and shorts! gasp. Many girls are also sporting new hairstyles. I'm really impressed with the dance, it looks pretty cool. It's not all cutesy like their dances usually are, in fact, the whole cute factor that S☆G is famous for is really turned down in this PV. The song is kind of catchy, at least the chorus is, it's not bad at all and reminds me of Hoshikuzu LOVE Song.

S☆G has really been in a huge slump in my opinion. I started out really liking the group, but when they began releasing single after single without much variety... well, they kind of lost my interest. But now, Celebration has spiked up my interest, and really makes me want to check out their album. If S☆G would release more songs like Tokimeki Shoku no kaze to kimi, MAX! Otome gokoro, and this, I think international idol fans would be more interested in them. Album releases February 20~

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