Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Idol News #1: Mano Erina & TGS

Idol News will be a new installment where I just list the recent idol news (single announcements, song previews, single sales etc) It's like Gaki's Idol Round Up for indie idols, except it's for more non indie idols (PASSPO, Tokyo Girls' Style, iRiS, etc,)

Previews for some songs off of Tokyo Girls' Style 3rd album, Yakusoku have been released on YouTube. Futarikiri is a catchy upbeat song, Suki to Sayonara is more slow and has an interesting instrumental, and Yakusoku is very interesting, and unique. All of the songs make me really excited for the album. Release date is January 30.


Tsuki to Sayonara


Posted ImagePosted Image

Also, Mano Erina has released the track list for her last album, Best Friends. Best Friends is a best of album that features many old favorites, plus a new songs. The covers are simple, and Mano looks mature.

Track list
2.Zenbu Daisuki (new)
3.Tasogare Kousen
5.Kono Mune no Tokimeki wo
6.Onegai Dakara...
7.Genkimono de Ikou!
8.Hajimete no Keiken
9.Minna, Arigato (new)
10.Otome no Inori
11.Seishun no Serenade
12.Song for the DATE
13.Haru no Arashi
14.Sekai wa Summer Party
15.Doki Doki Baby
16.My Days for You
17.Nerima Calling (new)


Also If you didn't see Mano's last single, NEXT MY SELF, here it is

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  1. That best friends album cover is simple but very cute it is one of those CDs that I would buy just for the pic. It is great


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