Friday, January 4, 2013

Shuukan Spell (with Magical)

Shuukan Spell (with Magical)
Another series that we started after the RSS feeds went down ,was Shuukan Spell (with Magical).
Shuukan Spell (with Magical) is basically the Thai dance cover group Magical cover ,Afilia Saga East answering a random question that is presented to them by the Pure Idol Heart  staff ,Magical staff or created in agreement between myself and Magical member Prae.
We have done two weeks so far , with a third to come once Magical return from a New Year’s trip.
You can read weeks one and two below

Week 1
Week 2
Week two the members started to get a better feel for the segment and I have been told by some members that those who have completed week 3 question are entertaining.
Again as this is all new to these Thai Idols ,it will take a little time for them to get their comedy wings under them.

Also the members
[Left to Right] - BB, Prae, Patoto-chan [Lukpud] and Noonnim along with filming done by Magical member Fernne got together after practice to send Pure Idol Heart readers and International Idol fans an English greeting.
Please send your greetings and support to them ,if you use You Tube comments as they worked hard on this and many readers did not get to view it due to RSS problems.

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