Sunday, January 6, 2013

Party Rockets :MIRAIE ,[One Step from Greatness]

Recently Party Rockets lost their co-lead singer Konno Yuuka [health issues] ,which changed their sound greatly going from a high pitched moe idol group to well this below.

With MIRAIE the group’s second single ,the group transforms  into a punch in the face rock idol group ,that I hope stays with this four .

With their first release ,I liked it because  it was moe-rock , with MIRIE ,I love it because it`s like a fist in the face that you expect from BABYMETAL and has a  idol-rock anthem feel.

Honestly this genre needs more heavy rock and metal idol groups . So Party Rockets if you keep hitting me with solid rock like you have from the start ,then I just have one thing to say.

I am all in now with you , after renting for a few months , I am buying the house and have promoted you to the ranks  of my Super Six one step from greatness groups [Gaki`s favorites to someday rise up to supergroups level] Super Six---[Dorothy Little Happy ,Alice 10 ,Steamgirls ,Sizukaze & Kizuna ,BABYMETAL and now Party Rockets]

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