Monday, January 14, 2013

Idol Round Up # 20: 2& ,Sunmyu,Feam,RITSUKA,

Idol Round Up # 20
Another round of Idols that you may know and may not know
2& [Double And]



This is a group that I am just really getting to know and what I have seen, I like a lot .I really want to get to know this group better.


Feam is a group that I have kept an eye on for some time now [they debut in 2006] .They are one of those groups that kind of hangs out in the shadows .What I mean by that is they don`t have a gimmick that stands out like Alice 10 or Steamgirls, they just put out good songs and let the rest take care of itself.
The rest is normally some gravure DVDs. And let me say that they put the tease in tease.


Sun Music returns to the Idol after a long absence following the tragic death of Okada Yukiko.
Sunmyu is a bright and cheery that has a well-known music company behind them and is sure to do well.


Seems like we are always forgetting to point out soloists in favor of groups, so let’s change that today with RITSUKA in a mini live concert

Note this studio is not designed for major concerts, more like fan ticket events ,so your not getting love house quality sound

Live House sound

Like her much better with live band

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