Saturday, May 1, 2010

Momoiro Clover

Momoiro Clover or Momokuro as their fan base calls them ,is one of the new wave of junior idol groups that have entered the scene. Momokuro may also be one of the few idol groups to have 5 members graduate in 2 yrs before their major label debut .Two Ikura Manami and Fujishiro Sumire transferred to a group called Creamy Parfait and Takai Tsukina transferred to SKE48.

As an Indies group Momokuro released three singles and went on two concert tours .In their Independent period they were much like AKB48 sporting a costume theme , while AKB48 went with the school girl costumes ,Momokuro decided on the traditional yukata .

Before going major Momokuro was able to land a weekly radio program ,two web based shows and one show on Enta!371 .

Momokuo`s Major Label Debut :Ikuze ! Kaito Shojo

Offical Web Site

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