Friday, May 7, 2010

4Minute Realese Musik in Japan

KPop Idols 4Minute have made a Japanese video version of their 2nd single Muzik . The video is a complete new version compared to their Korean version ,complete with their current look.

I think making versions of your singles in International versions is a great idea and makes the video stand out as being truly for that country.

Korean Version Live Stage

Hot Issue


  1. Ahh... the 4Minute girls... I can't get into their music like I did with Kara for some reason...

    Lots of K-pop artists/groups venturing into Japan eh?

  2. Their Top 3 or 4 not counting the Wonder Girls , who moved to New York are in the early stages of making their debuts in Japan .

    4 Minute is good , but Girls Generation [SNSD] ,Kara , T-Ara have the best chance I believe to gain long term Japan success like BOA has.


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