Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Idol Flashback: Idol Games 1987 ,Onyanko Club


[Re-posting as topic has been picked up , so making it easy to find]

I came across an old Idol game ,that if brought back today ,would fit any idol group’s TV show.

The year is 1987 and the group is  Onyanko Club . In terms of relationships today Onyanko Club was what AKB48 is today ,Japan’s super idol group .

In fact AKB48`s founder Akimoto Yasushi ,created the Onyanko Club and the similarities between the two groups  are in almost everything that AKB48 does today.

Onyanko Club ,played a very important role ,for all idol groups that followed them. Hello!Project`s producer Tsunku was a member of their fan base and it has been reported ,that a number of the senior management of Hello!Project were supporters of Onyanko Club.

In this game  members of Onyanko Club have to guess what just flew past them , if they guess wrong ,they suffer a penalty ,much like what AKB48 members face on AKBINGO!

When you watch any of your favorite idols , keep in mind that everything that you enjoy today ,Onyanko Club ,played a vital part in creating.If it was not for the Onyanko Club ,you may not have the idols that you enjoy so much today.

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