Monday, May 31, 2010

[PV] Morning Musume。Seishun Collection

Morning Musume`s new single PV. This single is getting mixed reviews across the Morning Musume fan base. With longtime fans walking away from Morning Musume more often, having a single that split  the fan base is not what they needed at this time.

The song is what I have come to expect from Morning Musume, a video that feels rushed for an average song, from a group without a clear direction.

I hate to sound so down about this single and I have waited some time to even post it , but as I will explain later  , my feelings about Morning Musume or I should say their song writer has changed in the last couple of years.

This lineup deserved more then what they have been given over the years.


  1. I agree... My views on their songs as of late has really gone down... It's one of the reasons I prefer Korean music a lot more now I think.

    I've always kept up with Morning Musume and not really the others.... I like other JPOP singers but I'm not that up to date with things..."=S

    Anyway.... I don't know how to feel about this new song...

    I can tell the production process was rushed, as if they had to come up with something for them.... It's sad really...

    The song.... well it's generic Morning Musume. I love it... but I don't know if the Japanese fanbase even prefers it anymore.


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