Friday, May 21, 2010


This week’s Episode of AKBINGO! Is about doing two pranks, overall it`s a weak show compared to least week. Next week they return to dodge ball punishment games .This seems to a popular pick between the members, as this is the fourth time to play dodge ball punishment in the last few months.

AKBINGO! Is not filmed in order and is really filmed weeks and in some cases months in advance, as is Shukan AKB.

AKB48 films several episodes of the same theme per filming .The shows are then spread out over the season.

With that said, I didn`t really enjoy AKBINGO! This week , the pranks were simple and one was just a copy of played on JunJun on Haromoni@ Overall this episode feels more like everyone decided to take the week off .

After having a strong episode last week and one next week from the previews, they are due for a miss sometimes. For Maeda Atsuko fans, looks like she gets knocked out by a brief electrical shock next week.

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