Sunday, May 2, 2010

New Unit: Team Dragon [Updated]

Team Dragon
AKB48 members Takahashi Minami, Maeda Atsuko, Oshima Yuko, Watanabe Mayu Kojima Haruna, Itano Tomomi, Kashiwagi Yuki are coming together to form a new super unit called Team Dragon .

Team Dragon will be recording the ending song for Dragon Ball Z Kai : Kokoro no hane (wings of the heart) scheduled to be released on June 9 .

This unit will be made up of some of the front girls of AKB48 ,creating a powerful AKB48 super unit and one which has like many other things related to AKB48 a connection with Morning Musume.

The connection this time is Kashiwagi Yuki .Kashiwagi made it to the 3rd round of the Morning Musume 8th generation auditions before being rejected by Tsunku .

This story will be updated as news comes out.

Edit: I left out the Kai in Dragon Ball Z , the title has now been fixed .


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