Friday, May 21, 2010

Morning Musume Seishun Collection Preview

This is a short TV promo for Morning Musume`s Seishun Collection Single.
This single from the previews looks like we will have some outdoor footage for a change.

That alone has me interested in the finished product, however with AKB48 coupling track being set on a soccer field, Morning Musume copying them as it appears could result in finger pointing. With the upcoming World Cup, it`s easy to see why Musume would want to take advantage and add that to the video.

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  1. No, no, no!!! Who did their costumes!! Highlighter blue and green plus the black!? NO!!

    and brown dyed hair against those colours just clash... Black would have looked good, and that's why Sayumi looked fine for me... but NO!!!

    NO~~~~ I liked Jun Jun with black hair, but this one was a bit off, though she still looked good to me.

    But Kamei and Gaki..... Well, not too bad but yeah...

    Ai grew her hair again~~~ It looks great long. ^^

    Reina's hair looks good too, so's Lin Lin's.

    Aika looks cute as always.

    The dance looks interesting... I want to see a PV though... but I doubt it'll make me like their costumes better....


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