Monday, May 31, 2010

Idol Flashback : Okada Yukiko Part 2

In part one, we talked about Okada Yukiko`s life and death and looked at “the smiling princess” and the smile that she left behind.

Now we will look at her music.

Thank You For The Music . Thank You For Being The Idol Genre`s Smiling Princess ,Thank You For Being The Girl In Our Memories

Okada Yukiko Singles Collection

Debut : First Date.
c/w Soyo Kaze wa Peppermint
Released 4/21/1984
Was used as Glico's Cafe Jelly advertisement song

Single # 2: Little Princess
c/w Koi no Doubles
Released 7/18/1984

Single #3: Dreaming Girl- Koi, hajimemashite
c/w Kimagure Teenage Love
Released 9/21/1984
Was used as Glico's Special Chocolate advertisement song

Single #4:Futari Dake no Ceremony
c/w Private Red
Released 1/16/1985
Was used as Toshiba's Let's Chat advertisement song

Single #5 : Summer Beach
c/w Hoshi to Yoru to Koibitotachi
Released 4/17/1985
Was used as Glico's Cafe Jelly advertisement song

Single #6 :Kanashii Yokan
c/w Koibitotachi no Calendar
Released 7/17/1985

Single #7 :Love Fair
c/w Futari no Blue Train
Released 10/5/1985
Was used as Glico's Cecil Chocolate advertisement song

Single # 8 :Kuchibiru Network
c/w Koi no Etude
Released 1/29/1986
Was used for Kanebo's Lipstick commercial

April 4th ,1986 TV Appearence

After April 8th 1986 her final two singles came out .

Single #9 :Hana no Image
c/w Himitsu no Symphony
Released 5/14/1986

Final Single :Believe In You
Released 12/4/2002

Sweet Planet off of one her Albums


  1. She had such a lovely voice and such a lovely smile. It's heartbreaking that her life ended so quickly.

    It must be really hard for idols today, too, especially since blogging and/or tweeting are now part of the job for most girls. Even their down time is work now. =/

  2. This was not an easy idol to talk about .I wanted to leave out all video from April 8 and just focus on her specialness to the industry and give her respect .

    She was the “it” girl, she just has a way to draw you into to being her fan with her voice and smile. She did have a voice on her, one like you see in old movies, relaxing in a way.

  3. thanks for the two articles about Okada Yukiko.. i do agreed with you that something about her that easily draw you to being her fan..

    just to contribute to your article..
    1) you might need to edit the release date for hana no image from 5/14/1986 to 3/17/1999 cause the original released date of hana no image on 5/14/1986 was cancelled due to Yukiko's death. It was not released till 12 years later in a memorial boxset on 3/17/1999.

    2) for whoever who missed out the 贈りものIII~岡田有希子 boxset released in 12/18/2002, it was re-released again on 9/15/2010. It 's a must collection boxset for her fans.. you can get it from HMV Japan or Amazon Japan as well. here is the link from HMV Japan->


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