Friday, May 21, 2010

KPop Idol "Strips" On TV [

Goo Hara of the KPop Group Kara “stripped” on Korean TV last night before performing a dance routine. The 19 yr old idol shocked everyone on the broadcast by suddenly “undressing”.

The following is unedited footage as it happened.
Updated replaced video


  1. Haha that was awesome :D I thought she would strip more than that, but it was funny!

  2. LOL!!!! That was funny! Such a dorky girl Hara....

    I was like, Hara!? Strip!?

    But then it's just, "oh, she just took off the pink pants she had to wear for the show, nothing bad intended"

    She danced U-Go Girl really well!!! Good on ya!

    I missed Rain, he's so cute! Covering his eyes, LOL~~~

    I was a bit shocked by the title, because I quite like Hara, even though I do feel that she's sometimes in Kara as a pretty face... Not that I don't like her, but she never gets a lot of lines in songs, though she sings them real well.

  3. I first got into Kara because of Seung-yeon, but after seeing some of their variety show events, I am turning more to Hara.

    In her defense, I never said how far she went, only that she “striped”, lol.

    Yeah that title is something that Jin use to do in H!P Non-Pro Hour , so I learned from the best ,lol.

    Did you notice that Rain & Hyori had a good amount of skinship going , surprised that it did not spark scandal talk.

  4. Yeah, I noticed too (Hyori and Rain skinship). But I thought they were close? and fans seemed to have wanted them to be together? (I got that impression from an interview they had for a CF they did together, because the MC asked a question related to that, but I might be getting things wrong..@@)

    Same!! I got into Kara because of Seung Yeon, I have yet to watch more variety shows Kara appeared in, but I think Hara wins hands down...XD

  5. I watched the video again, and noticed that Rain's ears was very~ red... Such a dork! XDDD

    I just realised how wide his shoulders were too, and how tall he would actually be standing up.. Gee, no wonder people are crazy over him!

    I find him appealing as well, just.. maybe not that intense....:P

  6. Well I was able to see the entire show, before this part Hara said that Rain was her type guy she would like .So that is why the dance was that way.

    Rain & Hyori are close and I think their fans would be OK with it. KPop fans seem to root for couples. Right now SNSD fans are rooting for their youngest to date CNBLUE`S Leader as they are a couple on a variety show called "We Got Married."


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