Tuesday, May 25, 2010

S/Mileage on Melodix

This could get deleted at any second .

Side note this unit is getting a lot of promotional attention from the agency ,with a number of ads at train stations , 10-15 ,30 second CGI ads and a lot of print promotion.

The second single is being reported for a July 28 release and Maeda Yuuka is being listed as having her first solo DVD on August 4


  1. LOL! Dorky but cute Wada... She's the self-proclaimed leader? Or she is the leader? OAO


    And Kanon with her imaginary town that flots...XDDD

    Saki bakes!!! Nice nice~~~

    Yuuka, dorky girl.. hahaha~~~

    These girls will grow on me I think, if they go to more shows like this, then yes... I think I'll like them. it's too hard to tell from just seeing their PVs anyway..

  2. Wada is their Leader .Give them a year or two to grow and they will be a key part of H!P`s future.


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