Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Morning Musume Only You PV

Morning Musume Only You PV

Morning Musume`s new PV for their next single Only You has just been released and it continues the groups move into the right direction in terms of song quality. One of the things you will quickly notice is that Riho has become the #3 singer at least for this single and could possibly become the #2 lead behind Reina, once Ai-chan graduates.

Hard to say if Riho is being pushed up the ranks to fast, however she clearly will be one of the groups future aces, if they plan to keep this franchise moving forward over the next decade .As to their future ? As long as they are turning a profit with consistent sales, there is no reason why this group can`t someday see generation 20.

As for the video and song on first play it reminds me of the grown up long lost mature sister of Sexy Boy .The effects on Risa`s vocals are a nice touch and not overly done.

All in all this is a great song and PV, worth taking the time to support .


  1. Wow! I like it, and the MV is really nice. Though I wish I could've seen more Erina, I don't think I saw her that much in those white close-up shots??? O___O"

    I am going to miss Ai and her consistent and lovely acting during the PVs... :(((

    Her blonde hair was a bit odd at first, but I grew into it as I watched the MV, LOL.

    Riho was great with her lines too, and I wonder how Kanon feels that she is taking the centre position that she has instead...? XD LOL, I kid, I kid.. :P

    Riho really is growing into the ace for MM though, it will be interesting to see how they go from here. This single was a step in the right direction :)

    As for Risa being auto-tuned... D: No~~~ she's got such a great voice.... I personally don't love autotunes... but if it's used right, I don't mind it. In this song it was OK and not overdone, so that's good... (for me :P)

  2. THE BEST !!! :p
    hahaha totally love the song.. their outfits.. the choreo.. and PV


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