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Sea☆A: From Singapore To Akihabara

Sea☆A: From Singapore To Akihabara

What do you get, when you take three girls from Singapore and one from Malaysia, who love to sing, watch Japanese anime and have big dreams? The answer - a new idol-pop group from Singapore with dreams of making a name for themselves in the Akihabara world of anime and idols .

Sea☆A is the latest international idol group that is heading to Japan.

Sea☆A  stands for `South East Asia Star Anime'. The star symbol represents their desire to become stars and the capital A has a double meaning, their love for Japanese anime and for active in Asia, reflecting on the groups desire to be active not only in Japan ,but across Asia.

Sea☆A who currently are the opening group for May`n Asian Tour will make their Japanese debut on August 10 with their first single "DREAM SHOOTER". “DREAM SHOOTER" by the way will be the ending theme for the anime “Card Fight! Vanguard”.

Sea☆A debut single will come in CD+DVD and CD-only editions and the DVD will feature the PV for "DREAM SHOOTER" and a coming to Japan documentary.

The members of Sea☆A are well prepared to be international stars as the girls can all speak Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, English, Malay and Japanese.

As a group, the members enjoy a wide range of anime and list Akihabara, Shibuya and Harajuku as their first stops to visit in Japan.

The members of Sea☆A are
Estelle  the youngest member and her special skills are singing, dancing
Beryl  considered the group's beauty leader, while keeping things shy and modest
Wynnie  the moe member and the member you would most likely find out cosplaying[From Malaysia]
Valerie  the considered to be best figure member and the member who can reflect her voice the best in anime style.
Beryl -January 29, 1991

Valerie -February 14, 1991

Wynnie -July 10, 1989

Estelle -December 1, 1989

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[By the way, if you wish to support them, they have support and website information in English]

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