Wednesday, May 4, 2011

PASSPO☆ Scores Oricon #1 Single

PASSPO☆ Scores Oricon #1 Single

When I previewed PASSPO☆ debut major single, I said to myself if this single could reach 20-25,000 for the sales cycle it would be a good start to their major career. Well not only did they pass my hopeful sales goal they captured a #1 daily Oricon ranking.

For the Oricon rankings dated 2011 05/02 PASSPO☆ entered the daily rankings at # 1 with sales of 20,516. #2 was MBLAQ at 9,648.

Congratulations PASSPO☆ and welcome to the major idol wars.

If you have not taken the time to check out this fast rising idol unit, you should .If not you just might miss the next big thing in the industry.

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  1. The song is really great, and I like their style. They are definately talented. Congrats to them :)

  2. As I wrote when I first introduced them to the site, I think this group could be the next big thing in the idol genre.

  3. true that! and I heard that they are going to ateend Japan Expo in Paris along hangry and angry. they are getting busy.

  4. NICE :D !!!!
    PASSPO !! :D

    congratz to passpo :D


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