Tuesday, May 31, 2011

AKB48 Sets More Sales Records

AKB48 Sets More Sales Records

Coming on the heels of their Seibu Dome concert announcement, the women of AKB48 have officially taken the music industry here under their control.

AKB48 have broken, what many felt was an unbreakable record.

Legendary rock band Mr. Children had previously lead all of Oricon chart history with the highest single weekly sales figure at 1,208,000. Mr. Children originally set the record by the way in 1996 with “Namonaki Uta”.

AKB48 broke this record with their current single “Everyday, Kachuusha” with first week sales of 1,334,000 making it the highest single sales for a week in Japanese music history.

The group also set a second and very important  record  by having 8 consecutive #1 weekly singles  .The last female group to do this was Pink Lady 32 years ago.

Takahashi Minami released the following statement on their accomplishment
“It’s such a big honor for us (to break this record). Everyone knows that it’s all thanks to all of our fans.”

It makes no difference if you are a fan or not of this group, what they are accomplishing in this current era of record sales trends is impressive and deserves respect.

Congratulations to the members of AKB48, for breaking these prestigious records and for opening the media doors to look for fresh idol groups.

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