Tuesday, May 10, 2011

PASSPO☆ Makes Oricon History With #1 Weekly Rank

PASSPO☆ Makes Oricon History With #1 Weekly Rank

Late last year when I presented PASSPO☆ to the readers of this site, I did so with the hopes that readers would see in them, what I saw in their live events, their specialness, and view them as worthy of being covered. I am happy that the readers of this site have taken to this group, so that I may share this bit of history on this site with you.

PASSPO☆ for the next reported weekly rankings [Chart for May 16] will enter the charts at #1 with one-week sales of 43,000.

This marks the first time that an female Idol group has had a debut single enter the weekly charts at #1 since the group Kiroro accomplished this achievement in 1998. The sales of 43,000 was also a shot across the female idol genre world, that the Indie Idol Underground is full of fresh groups, who are hungry for a major label record company to give them a chance.

How far will PASSPO☆ fly as a new major idol group and will more groups from the Indie Idol Underground rise up to join them, only time will tell.

If this debut is any sign of things to come, then we can safely say that PASSPO☆ will be a major player in the idol wars.

Flight Captain Negishi Ai had the following words of thanks to their fans.

“I’m so happy that we had such a nice takeoff.” “We’re truly grateful to our passengers. From now on, we’ll do our best to not forget our rookie attitudes as we hold onto our aspirations and ride this updraft.”

Passpo Getting #1 News

[If the video gets deleted no worries ,I have a copy, you can download]

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  1. Love them since before their major debut~~
    BTW I don't think the video will be deleted, it's their official Youtube account~~

  2. Wow son loud!! xD Well done passpo! This month could only get better if Kikka was to get a top three spot on oricon as well...<3

  3. YAY PASSPO congratz :D
    hope theyll keep doing well :D

    ^yea kikka !! :D

  4. theis major debut single is very good in all aspects... a great flight


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