Sunday, May 29, 2011

S/mileage Generation 2 Auditions

S/mileage Generation 2 Auditions[Updated Video]

When S/mileage first formed, there was a round a about hint that the group was unfinished .

This comes  from a statement that Tsunku made at the time that the member’s lineup was not fixed, meaning the current lineup was not the final.

It was announced at S/mileage’s first year major debut anniversary that S/mileage will be holding generation two auditions.

First round of interviews and singing will start on June 4, around the same time that Morning Musume will be starting their auditions; now how will this work for the staff?

According to H!P officials  any middle school or high school girl  wanting to audition for Morning Musume can also audition for S/mileage .Audition winners will be placed in one of the two groups .  S/mileage audition age range by the way is listed at 13-18 by May 1,2011 .

This brings up a very important and unanswered question ,will S/mileage have graduations now ?

Audition paper , in Japanese

S/mileage onstage reactions


  1. poor yuukarin was soooo shocked...
    couldnt even smile during that whole segment.... xD

    momusu and s/mileage autions at the same time huh...
    does this mean...
    the people who wnna audition... gotta choose ?? :p
    either momusu or smileage :p

    maybe theyll even switch the people who are auditioning.. like some who are really good.. but dont fit the group theyre auditioning for... they might put them in the other group...
    :p *my imagination xD*

    mah...but honestly.. i think u shouldnt mess with a group thats doing well :/
    but who knows whats in tsunkus mind :o

    and.... i really hope there wont be a demotion.. >__<
    the members are great...
    if there will be a demotion.. i think MANY MANY MANY fans will be upset..... so would i :p

  2. My understanding is that they can audition for both, and if they pass, will be placed in one of the two groups.

    A number fans are already mad at S/mileage adding members at all.

  3. why would they even add members? if they want to add members, they should have added when all four girls have audition..ITS JUST MESSED UP....they're already perfect. and im sure many fans will audition because they are already popular all over the world!!

    and i hope they won't be graduating, if they did, MANY...and if i mean MANY that means MANY!! fans will be do i.

    P.S they just started a year ago!and if 2nd generation girls aren't that good as them..well good luck >_<

  4. mah same story for s/mileage as for the kids...
    if they REALLY wanna add some1....

    the people they add have to be REALLY REALLY REALLY good...
    they better not suck and bring smileage down :/

    but its not like we can do anything about it...

    will suport them always and no matter what....

    .... :p as long as theyre part of H!P ill support them :p


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