Sunday, May 8, 2011

Morning Musume To Add 10th Generation Members

Morning Musume To Add 10th Generation Members

This is breaking news ,everyone .

Given the recent earthquake, the nation is looking for many things to have hope in and throughout history one thing that has always brought hope  is Idols.

Idols are everything that is good in a way ,they offer smiles ,laughter ,music ,comedy , but more importantly, they offer hope .Hope to young girls who dream of becoming idols.

 Hello!Project has announced the following news.

Morning Musume is taking applications for the 10th generation auditions and are
 looking for girls who love bright songs and have pride in their smiles!

Girls who are between the ages of 10-17 can start filling out paperwork until June 13 ,to audition to become the 10th generation of Morning Musume.

They are taking applications by mail ,mobile  ,PC  .

No word if EGGS will allowed to join ,given the success of Fuku-chan , one EGG should be with every generation to help the fresh idols adjust to idol life .


  1. idk if i should be happy or not...

    im happy becaus momusu will be gaining members again :D !! :D
    thats really awesome...
    really hoping for a 10+nin musume...

    'not happy''.. more scared..
    that therell be more graduation announcements .. :'(
    i really cant handle more graduations.....

    Gokkies and the Rokkies !!!!!!

  2. Wow!! same here im neither happy nor sad!! Im barely getting used to Kyukkies and then this. On one hand im actually hoping that Saho Akari will get the chance to audition (but that might not happen :i) and I agree with tenshiki. every generation should have an egg! they deserve some recognition!!... wonder if he might pull mano in hopefully not. but yes it may take me sometime to process this info.
    I know Gaki might graduate in a year or two.. but yeah not ready for another graduation right now!!

  3. This is so exciting!!! I'm loving the 9th gens and I'd love to see more new faces come in with as much potential :)

    I know I can't get my hopes up, since it means graduations will come.

    With what happened in 2009-2010... I'd hate to see more of the older members go :(

    Since I've gotten used to them already... cutting Kame, Junjun, Linlin really broke my heart, they were some of my fav members!! :'(

    I agree with the idea of an EGG member for each generation. Adding Fuku-chan to the 9th gen was a really good decision, maybe they will do that? Or they think Fuku-chan can help the 10th gen too?

    I'm guessing this generation will be special considering it's the 10th one... ;P but that's just me hahaha.

  4. @twinheart
    lol xD saho akari is already going to join UFG xD
    what a disapointment huh :/

    gaki is also a 5th gen >__< and if its already time for ai to graduate...... what about gaki TT___TT
    and the rokkies.....
    i really hope im wrong....

  5. @Tenshiki
    yeah a dissapoinment for sure!! I heard her in hello winter 2011!! Aa! sang cOuntry musume's song and she was amazing alongside Airi and Miya!!
    well will see what happens although im gonna cry if I hear a Gaki graduation in a year!! I wanna see her as leader for some time geez atleast two years would be fine!!!!!! XP

  6. ^i agree...
    i dun wanna hear about a graduation announcement anytime soon >___<


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