Saturday, May 7, 2011

Music Previews: Afilia Saga East, C-ute, Gacharic Spin

Music Previews: Afilia Saga East, C-ute, Gacharic Spin

In this preview, we have idols and rock.

First up are the darlings of Afilia as Afilia Saga East start promotions of their new album. I have to say, not sure, what I enjoyed the most in this PV, the fact that Afilia is as cute as ever, the song being good or the girls trying to fly on witch brooms. Ok learning to fly won me over, well the entire package did. This group just keeps getting better.

C-ute have released the PV for their new single “Momoiro Sparkling”
This single has the typical H!P sound and may take a few spins to pull in mainstream fans. Overall it`s a summer upbeat type song with lots of C-ute goodness.

Up and coming female rock band Gacharic Spin will be releasing their first mini album “Virgin-A” and have recently released the single “Lost Angel” .

This is a group that will need to take time to grow on you if you have never heard of them before .Don`t count them short as they are making a name for themselves among female rock band fans and in the JRock genre.

Guitarist TOMO-ZO use to be the lead guitarist for Eu-Phoria while bassist F CHOPPER KOGA was a member of THE PINK PANDA. These two are a great team, complete with guitar spins


    its been a while that C-ute got such a cheerful pv...
    looks good :)

    though somehow.. seeing maimi doing it... it looks a bit odd...
    maybe caus shes getting older..... :/

    but still the best dancer :D !!!

    those airposes are ROFLOL :p

    chisa's eyes are soo pretty..
    totally love airi's eyebrows.. :D
    nakky's forehead (which isnt seen >_<... then i gues :D nakky's pretty figure :D)
    maimi's legs !!! :D
    tall maimai :D

    (love the ''OK''-pose :p)

  2. Love the C-ute PV!!! Like tenshiki said, it's been a while since they did a happy, cute and cheerful song and PV.

    Plus it's SUMMAH~~~~ Loving the theme and upbeat feel to the song, hehehehe (though i'm not really feeling it down here in australia LOL, it's getting into winter here :P)

    I love Airi's hairstyle here, she looks really cute in it and it's a break from the long hair and ponytails she always gets in PVs...:P

    They did great in their individual shots, but I loved Chisato and Saki's in particular! >w<

    Maimi's great as usual, but my eyes keeps going to her legs...LOL they're just so skinny! *envy*

  3. GACHARIC SPIN! It's thanks to this entry & PIH that I fell in love with them. I watched the PV and from there looked up everything I could find on them. Thank you for sharing so many awesome idols with us!!

    Koga is my favorite! But Armmy is an amazing singer, and Tomozo is fun to watch when she gets into playing, all smiles. Hana is my least fave, but she's cute and wacky. I love the group!


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