Thursday, May 19, 2011

AeLL, Idols Ready To Yell

AeLL, Idols Ready To Yell

“AeLL” (pronounced ‘yell’), is a new idol unit that features Gravure idol Shinozaki Ai together with leader Nishi Erika, Tanaka Kumi and Shijo Haruna.

The name AeLL stands for “Activity eco Life with Love” and the group`s theme is environmental idols. Along with working to reach such goals as appearances on “Music Station” and “Kohaku”, the group promotes environmental issues and plan to take part in cleaning trips such as a Mt.Fuji clean up.

The members are good friends and have wanted to become an idol group for sometime, and at a recent live they started to cry as they performed their recently release debut single “Ecology Monkeys/Chu! Chu! Hareru yeah“.

AeLL hope to one day become international idols and have opened a Facebook account to reach out to fans around the world.

AeLL have a distribution deal with Tower Records online , Shinseido ,Amazon and others for the sales of their releases.

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