Wednesday, May 25, 2011

AKB48; Just Miss 1 Million Sales For One Day

AKB48; Just Miss 1 Million Sales For One Day

The reigning Queens of female idol genre are at it again, with an incredible opening day sales. AKB48`s new single “Everyday, Kachuusha“has sold a staggering 942,475 copies in one day. The margin of victory by AKB48 was also no less then impressive as the number two and three artists charted in at Team Amuse! 55,916 and TOKIO 9,570.

With that amount of sales coming out of the gate ,the record books of idol history are open and a new page is about to be written as AKB48 continue their golden age run.

On day 2 AKB48 sold another 142,233 copies for [1,084,708 after 2 days]

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  1. =D im so happy gratz AKB48.... im so proud to be one of those 942,475 copy bought of the first day =)


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