Thursday, May 5, 2011

Special Music Preview: Morning Musume, AKBN0, Daisy x Daisy

Special Music Preview: Morning Musume, AKBN0, Daisy x Daisy

This is a special edition of Music Preview .In this preview we have a concert cut of Morning Musume`s 46th single, AKBN0 Single Debut and Daisy x Daisy PV. Just a little note the Daisy x Daisy PV is a little different then the one I had planed to use ,so I went to plan B and this version includes Spanish Subtitles .

First up is a concert rip of Morning Musume`s 46th single “Only You” This has the makings of a really good single, looking forward to hearing a clean radio cut.

Next up is a new idol unit; just a year old AKBN0 and their debut single .AKBN0 it seems has created a bit of a hostile fan response in English first fan bases of AKB48. Many regard them as a rip-off of AKB48 or some classless idols, because they offer " 30 minute live event dates" to their wotas or because they sing covers from AKB48 and H!P. This comes mainly from not understanding the concept of AKBN0
This single entered the Oricon Charts at 28

Last is Daisy x Daisy. Daisy x Daisy is actually Kondo Mika and was originally a group, until it split up and she kept the name as a solo artist.

Her first major solo single as Daisy x Daisy was released a few months ago and is called “HOLY SHINE” for the anime “FAIRY TAIL.

Mika is also an accomplished rock singer

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