Thursday, May 19, 2011

AKB48 News Roundup

AKB48 News Roundup

Because AKB48 is so active, that PIH needs a fulltime staff just to cover AKB48, lol so here is news round up of some main AKB48 news.

It`s getting time for their next round of member elections and their official election guidebook has sold 75,000 copies in one week taking the number one spot.

In related news the Senbatsu elections will be broadcast live in 70 movie theaters across the nation, this is double the number of screens from the last election.

Starting May 24 moviegoers /AKB fans can view a special broadcast called “Minogashita Kimi-tachi he” ~ AKB48 Group Zenkouen~“. “Minogashita Kimi-tachi he” ~ AKB48 Group Zenkouen~“is a collection of 19 AKB48 concerts and one will be broadcast each day until June 12, minus the June 9th election day.

This concert broadcast by the way is the longest consecutive broadcast of a concert, in Japanese cinema entertainment history.


Watanabe Mayu`s solo photobook sold 45,000 copies in the first week.


AKB48 and it`s sister units have started doing their own theater lives in Singapore ,and for their first lives fans from Singapore ,Malaysia and other regional nations flew in to take part. You can expect the 48`s popularity to rise in the Singapore, Malaysia area with these monthly concerts, along with the fatigue for the girls. Related shops also opened in the city. AKB48 also has shops in other countries such as Hong Kong, making the group a truly Asian franchise.


In more serious news, some stalker/organized crime member created a security risk for the members of AKB48

On May 15, AKB48 went up to Sapporo, Hokkaido to do a fan event as part of the event local television crews were invited to do a five-minute clip on the event.

After the five minute live clip, the media ended their broadcasts as agreed to, with the exception of one person. An 18 yr old man , who had entered the venue with counterfeit press id`s and a video camera ,continued to keep filming .The man took great care to film every part of the event ,including the line set up , conducting interviews with members .

AKB48 security took notice of the man and stopped him for questioning .The man gave officials a suspected phone number claiming that the number was that of his boss.

Both AKB48 and local police believe the man is part of an organized crime gang, who was sent to film the event, for sale of illegal DVD copies of the event.

The man and the situation are currently under police investigation, to determine if he is just an invented wota or a member of organized crime gang.

AKB48 will be the MC`s for MTV `s Video Aid Japan event on June 25.
Performers will include EXILE, Lady Gaga, Monkey Majik, Nishino Kana, SHINee, and Tokio Hotel.


Rounding out the recent AKB48 news of interest

On May 17 AKB48 was selected to be the official spokeswomen for the Japanese Red Cross Society! Earthquake relief.

Due to AKB48`s efforts to raise money including their parent company donating 220 million yen and the members of AKB48 collecting 187.3 billion yen through their charity work and personal donations. AKB48 was selected by the Japan Red Cross to be the agency's recovery campaign voice.

AKB48 song “Boku ni Dekiru Koto” is currently being used in official Red Cross commercials promoting awareness and recovery needs.

Member Takahashi Minami told the press gathered at the event the following. “If we can join forces one by one, there will always be lives we can save.” In addition to becoming representatives, the group become honorary members. AKB48 plan to continue leading the earthquake recovery charge.


  1. I'll be your akb corrispondent xD

    DiVA, releasted their debut single yesterday with sales of 40000+ on the first day! But still came 3rd behind KATTUN and Perfume(boo), oh well at least they beat 2pm lol

  2. By the time you report on one thing, they have three more news items, the 48`s can keep you working 24/7, lol.

    Perfume is hard to beat sometimes they have a good fan base.

    All kidding aside, we really are looking into one or more people to cover the 48`s and maybe even some to do H!P ,with Ryo and I shifting to cover Indies and other artists.

  3. AKB is on top, now is their golden time so I guess it we will have to wait a while before they start calming down a bit.

    Although another memeber fainted resently at a show recording so I think they may have to calm sooner rather than later.

    But I hope they can remain fresh for a long time (or at least sayaka gets a good career from the group.)

    well you know my twitter if you wanna take me up on the offer :)


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