Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Baby Metal: Princesses Of Idol Metal

Baby Metal: Princesses Of Idol Metal

Under normal circumstances this would be posted on my hard rock blog, but as I have not opened it yet and the fact these three darlings of cuteness are idols it falls here on PIH.

Please welcome to the site Baby Metal

Baby Metal is a Idol  Metal Group, created from members of the idol group Sakura Gakuin and are all under the age of 14.

Baby Metal members are
SU-METAL [Vocals and Dance]
MOAMETAL [Screamer and Dance]
YUIMETAL [Screamer and Dance]

Baby Metal was born in 2010 to be a mix of Idol and Heavy Metal Music .They made their debut in October 2010 performing their debut single “Doki Doki Morning” .They followed that up with a song this July called “Ijime, Dame, Zettai” .This release became an immediate buzz in both the idol and rock genre for its music and lyrical content along with Baby Metal`s performance abilities for the song.

Because Baby Metal is a heavy metal group ,they have attracted a number of heavy metal wotas to their lives that Baby Metal lovingly calls “WELCOME TO THE MOSH PIT OF CHAOS”, that sees any idol event they play at transformed into a heavy metal mosh pit.

In October they were a part of a music event in Shinjuku called “NO MUSIC,NO IDOL?” and look set to continue their unique brand of mayhem for some time to come. While a few units proclaim that they are heavy metal idols, no one has embraced the concept to the degree that Baby Metal has.

While some metal and hard rock purists may scream this breaks everything we hold of value in the genre, I am not one of them .You see if your secure in your manhood, then you can see what Baby Metal is in its truest form, a tribute to the great genre that is heavy metal  and the “Princesses Of Idol Metal”. And for me, someone who makes his living as a hard rock singer and as a fan of idol genre, I say bring on the chaos and Baby Metal.



  1. I was so happy when I found this. I did a blog post a while ago about how I really wanted them to focus on this group. Seeing this blog made me so happy >w<

  2. any video record of their live show beside TIF2011?

  3. Not that I know of, if anything else comes up, I`ll make a fresh post on them.

  4. I can't get this song out of my head, been listening to it for quite a while now... and everyday I played it on my mp3 player without fail... truly the Princesses of Idol Metal..

  5. I know what you mean ,this song and a song by Dorothy Little Happy seem to be in a loop in my head, lol.


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