Sunday, October 2, 2011

Mano Erina Becomes Kamen Rider

Mano Erina Becomes Kamen Rider

Pop idol/actress Mano Erina has been cast to play a Kamen Rider in the new film “Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider Fourze & OOOs MOVIE Taisen MEGAMAX”.

Mano will play “Kamen Rider Nadeshiko“, Nadeshiko Misaki  .Nadeshiko was selected to  honor the Women’s world cup championship soccer team. 

In the film Mano`s character will play the love interest of Kamen Rider Fourze and she will play the first female junior high school student rider in history.

Mano at a recent press conference for the movie had the following words for the media.

“I was really surprised! But I was many times more happy in comparison! Also, my family was very happy about it!” “I took in a lot of energy and strength from watching everyone on the Nadeshiko team! I want to become a strong and dignified women just like them!”

With any luck, maybe Mano can milk this into a new series rider. We need a good female evil kicking rider.

The movie will come out on December 10


  1. Hi, I dont usually comment, but want to thank you as usual for posting about H!P news and info.

    Just a little thing though, it would have been better if you credited the site that originally translated the message from Mano when you copied and pasted from them directly. I got the news from their before checking your blog and it is identical. It disappointed me a bit.

    Keep up the good work! I really appreciate the site!

  2. Did my comment got deleted? Well that is surely a bummer and a disappointment. Time to turn elsewhere that would actually respect acknowledgement on info sources then.

  3. Really good news for Mano.And a positive salute to the football team.I watched the match against the favourite USA team and your girls never gave up.The win in the end was special.

  4. @ Neil it really was a great win for us . We live in Chiba,just outside Tokyo so the family was dressed out in Nadeshiko colors, I was a nervous wreck that final match. I was just hoping it would end up a close score.

    I wouldn`t mind Mano getting a series out of this ,seems like she would like that based on the papers here.

    @ Eveyone
    Just so everyone knows we don`t delete comments ,the comments sometimes end up going to the auto-spam filter by mistake and we have to go repost them when we check the site. If your comments do not post ,it was a technical error not something done by staff. We are looking into fixing this error.


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