Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Not yet Yonpara FUTURE Game Battle Ep 1

Not yet Yonpara FUTURE Game Battle Ep 1

Not yet has a new show that just aired it`s first episode on the 9th and it`s by far the strangest of the current idol shows.
The members are seated in front of four different computers in different locations.

The girls are using web cams to play various games under the direction of an MC. I never thought we would have a game delay due to a toe cramp while holding flags between your toes. We also have a sandwich break by one member. A very strange fashion point check that has members climbing over things to show their outfits.

As to the show if you have a foot fetish your going to love this episode ,if not your going to feel like Not yet was transferred to H!P to bring back the not so old Haromoni@ show when we had let's watch YouTube together for a half hour.


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