Saturday, October 8, 2011

Fairies Set A Record

Fairies Set A Record

Vision Factory's newest idol unit has broken a record set by their big sisters SPEED set in 1996. Fairies has become the youngest female group in Japanese music history to get their own radio show coming in as an average of 13.1 years .SPEED  by the way set the record at 13.2 .

Fairies new show “Fairies no Fly to the World" made it`s Nippon Broadcast debut on the 7th and the group aims to make an international fan following by learning lyrics from Western songs.

Broadcast representative Hinohara Maki gave a brief background on the show's set up.
“The girls have a solid foundation as they have taken strict voice and dance lessons. As an essential element for them to spread their wings into the world, we will have them learn English and conversation. I want to create Japan’s original stars through the radio. I hope that this will give hope to people of the same generation.”

Fairies member Nomoto Sora said that the group's goals were to play the Nippon Budokan, Tokyo Dome and to become artists accepted by the international community.

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