Friday, October 14, 2011

NMB48 Release Coupling PV`s

NMB48 Release Coupling PV`s

NMB48 have released the coupling track PV`s for their “Oh My God” single.

First up is “Shirogumi – “Kesshou”

This video is cool and takes the girls into a magical wonderland with a mysterious rabbit .The way the videos CGI is done reminds me of a snow globe .The ending is a nice twist that will leave NMB48 fans saying how cute .

The second video is Akagumi – “Hoshokusha tachi yo”

This video is a more intense, more serious subject matter of overcoming a controlling club owner. This video really is more in line with SDN48 then what you would expect from NMB48. Even saying that this video is nicely done and the song is good.

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  1. I like Shirogumi - Kesshou because they look cute and bright.


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