Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fresh Faces ASAS And More

Fresh Faces ASAS And More

If you watched the newest episode of Tsunku`s new show ,then you saw some new idol groups that had not been on the show ,I thought that it would be a good show you some of the artists outside of Tsunku`s show that we have not covered on PIH .

First up is ASAS which stands for As Soon As. ASAS is a new unit signed under Victor Entertainment and recently had a debut release. The group is from Kansai and they like use Kansai dialect in their music.

Member profile video w/ their blog links in the video

Is a Shibuya based unit that is a part of the whole Shibuya Gal culture of blonde hair and spray on tans.


For those who don`t know it the girl on the show known as AD is actually an idol and has been a member of a couple of groups


Lovely ★DOLL


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