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Ai-chan Graduates Her Way

Ai-chan Graduates Her Way

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Takahashi Ai has graduated from Morning Musume triggering the worst kept secret in the idol genre Risa and Sayu taking over the leader and sub leader position [it was known 8 months ago that these two would be taking these positions].

In the very end Ai-chan graduated the way she was ,nothing flashy  ,just jeans and a shirt and apologizing for not being a better leader .

For all of Ai-chan`s strong points  she never seemed to feel that she was good enough to lead ,it was a position that she said in the past ,that she did not want  , but did so because it was the right thing and the best thing to do for Morning Musume.

Ai-chan as a person ,through it all has had many times to graduate  while she was riding a wave of popularity into a solo artist .And in all likelihood she would have been one of H!P`s best , yet she always put the needs of the group over hers . She held Morning Musume stable at a time when they needed strength and is leaving them filled with hopes for a bright future.

Ai-chan said it best herself how even until the very end how hard this was for her.

Ai- “From when my graduation was announced, I began to love Morning Musume more and more. Gaki-san, Sayu, Reina, Aika, Fuku-chan, Ikuta, Sayashi, Zukki: Thank you for following such an undependable leader. Gaki-san, I am sorry for graduating first “

Yet while she called herself an undependable leader, it`s clear to see through the words of her group, that she was much more then she believed.

Kudou [10th gen rep]: The memory of you giving me a ton of sweets in the dressing room during an H!P concert remains.

Suzuki: I was lost about what I should say, so I will talk about my favorite story. When I first joined, you immediately asked me to exchange email addresses. You were a person I saw on TV before so I was the most nervous. Later, when you change your email address, please tell me.

Sayashi: Back when I first joined, we went shopping together and you held my hand. I was super happy.

Ikuta: During the spring tour, I was worried about my dancing and you listened to my worries. Thank you for taking me to Shibuya and Shinokubo. The bulgogi was delicious.

Fukumura: When I joined, there were two instances when I thought, "This can't be true." First was the 10th gen audition and the other is Takahashi-san's graduation. When it was decided that I would join Morning Musume, Takahashi-san cried together with me. Takahashi-san's tears are my treasure.

Mitsui: I am so glad to be able to stand on the same stage as Ai-chan after such a long time. I am truly happy to be standing here with everyone today. I really love Ai-chan's expressions!

Tanaka: We sang together, and even in H!P we were given difficult songs. As rivals, we matured together. There were times when I did not want to see the members, and when I was rebellious and built a wall around myself. However, Ai-chan just talked to me normally. Back then, I wanted to say "Thank you!"

Michishige: Thank you for being so kind to Sayu. Precisely because it was Ai-chan, that this warm, "at home" atmosphere with the fans was created. Gaki-san and the Rokkies will work hard. Please take Sayu to Shinokubo too~

Niigaki: Ai-chan, congratulations on your graduation! Ten years ago, we joined Morning Musume, and I have watched you closely since then. Ai-chan prioritizes everyone else over herself. From tomorrow on, please put yourself first, ok? Because we were together for 10 years, there are many various emotions. However, to me, it was a wonderful time. Thank you for all your hard work these 10 years!

Ai-chan now turns to herself and heads off for the stage, and theater, and I wish her the very best .She is handing over a rebuilt group whose average age is 15 to Risa and Sayu and their image and attitude will change to reflect their new leaders. She hands over a group that many will think is weak , but is strong .

While some may scream like they do every time there is a graduation that this is the end or that Tsunku-san selected the  wrong members from the audition. Morning Musume simply continues to evolve  and move forward. Change is what Morning Musume is all about . It`s how they survive and move forward and I think that Ai-chan`s own words are the best words to use to close out this stage of their long history and to open the door to a new chapter.

Ai-chan- "Even though today is a weekday, you all gathered here for me. I feel so lucky because of everyone. I think I will be able to do my best from now on. Please continue to support Morning Musume too! I love you, everyone!" Takahashi exits”

Arigatou Ai-chan

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