Sunday, October 2, 2011

Tsunku And The Indie Idols #14

Tsunku And The Indie Idols #14

If you have been following this show since I have started posting it, then you may notice that this show seemed to be building up to a point, was it an audition? Did Tsunku-san have something in mind? The answers to both questions are yes.

This week you will see why Tsunku-san has been gathering Indie Idol groups from across Tokyo for weeks now.

You may notice that these episodes get a lot of dislike votes on youtube ,these come from anti the Possible fan who feel that Tsunku-san spends more time with them and other Indies when he should instead spend every second of his life on H!P .

This small band of antis spend all of their time voting down anything that the Possible or their sister groups are on.


  1. all i have to say is that i love Miku Doll cute voice in this <333... afilia saga FTW... haters gonna hate

  2. Thanks for the explanation about the negative votes the videos received.Loyalty is one thing but these antis are just baka!

  3. @ Neil
    I asked a wota for the Possible and they said a small bunch a handful of H!P wotas have some issues with the Possible ,so they dislike everything they do and often vote down or dislike any good comments for TNX and the group.

    Seems like of waste time to me.

    @ Shura

    You think readers would like Tech-Pri? [T.C. Princess] .I really need a bigger staff, there are 100`s of Indie Idols and I can never decide who to cover next, lol.

    I did have a PV by AD, but can`t seem to remember what folder I put it in, lol.

  4. i know tech-pri from this i like they sound... oh and lol man new idols appear like everyday, so hard to catch up

  5. @ Shura, here is some background information on Tech-Pri they are another Sendai unit.


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