Thursday, October 27, 2011

AKB48 Single Day Million Sales

AKB48 Single Day Million Sales

AKB48 has recorded another record with a very special earthquake support single. AKB48`s single “Kaze wa Fuiteiru” has sold a single day record of 1,045,037. This is the second single in a row for AKB48 to sale one million copies on the first day of release. With the improvement of 20,000 sales over their last single, AKB48 broke a record they set themselves, meaning AKB48 has reached new level in their career; they are now breaking their own records.

With the results of this opening day release AKB48 now has four consecutive million seller singles and their 5th as a unit ,placing them above Morning Musume which has had three one million sales singles . Along with that mark, AKB48 has had every single they have released this year go on to sale one million copies.
AKB48 single sales seem to be topping out at 1.570 million, so passing two million for a single [a dream of many AKB48 fans] maybe difficult but not impossible for this unit at this current time.

AKB48`s sales run is nothing short of impressive in a time when a number of international artists struggle to sale a million worldwide let alone in their own backyard.

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