Tuesday, October 4, 2011

AKB48 Bimyo [New Comedy Show]

AKB48 Bimyo

Here is AKB48`S new comedy variety show

In this version the opening 15 minute little studio segment is not cut out, so if you want to go to the actual show go to the 15-minute mark of this hour-long video.

If your a veteran fan of Morning Musume and remember the TV show that generations 1st to 6th had and the situational comedy Hello Morning Theater ,this show is an upgraded version of that part of the show.

Oshima by the way makes the best-drunk .She is an under rated comedy actress.

In short, this show makes fun of things related to the member's images on AKBINGO and things related to the members in general.

For those who struggle to follow Japanese or Japanese Comedy here is the first skit in subs .I did not sub this so ,if you want to say thanks to subber on their Youtube Account.

The first video posted was the full show, but it seems to have been deleted.
However no worries as I have a solution to the YouTube deleting the show.
Here is an alternate site full version of the show, there is a 30-second ad before the show, but after that, you have the full show. Including the studio segment and the main skits. I can actually do without the 15-minute studio part and have a full show of skits.


Episode 2


  1. hope theres a full version for this show (1 hour show, right?)...please upload it...thanks

  2. I made an update to this post as the full show was deleted ,I posted an alternate site full version of the show.


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