Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Maeda Yuuka To Leave S/mileage

Maeda Yuuka To Leave S/mileage

Maeda Yuuka of S/mileage announced her retirement from the idol industry yesterday, and apologies for not getting this out sooner; I had things to tend to.

Yuuka has announced that her final day as an idol will be December 31, when she will have her graduation so that she can make sure that her grades and studies are at the level to pass her University entrance exams.

Yuuka explained in her announcement that since she entered high school, she has been unable to keep up with my S/mileage work and school at the same time and it has bothered me a great deal.
As time went on her desire to enter university has taken root in her heart and she came to realize that she was leading a half-hearted life and grew unhappy with how things were going .Yuuka said the following when reaching this moment to graduate “I thought to myself “Things aren’t going to work out if it keeps going like this”. “If I let these feelings continue, it would not be fair to the other members, nor to all the fans that support me.”

“I thought a lot about it. I may not be very bright but I put all my energy into thinking about this… and came up with this as the only possible option.”
S/mileage`s upcoming single will be her last as an idol and while it is sad to see any idol leave the industry so early ,she is doing what she and her family feels is best for her future , so we should all enjoy the memories she gave to everyone and the time she has left in S/mileage.

Footnote –apologies for not translating the entire retirement announcement, I much business with my own career to attend to these days and so little time to say everything that I want to.


  1. what happen with this group?
    Yuuka is my favorite member even if i'm not her big fan.

  2. Sometimes change to shake things up has a negative result.

    This maybe only the start of things for them.

  3. OOoooh nooooooooooo! I will be so sad to see her go. =(

    But I support her decision, she has to do what is best for her OWN future, S/mileage isn't the only aspect of her life that is hers.


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