Wednesday, October 5, 2011

BiS To Give Fans A Kiss

BiS To Give Fans A Kiss

Let me ask the guys who read PIH a question. If your idol offered to give you a kiss if you buy a ticket to her concert, would you buy the ticket?

The we will make our own rules idols are back on PIH and doing things their way. On December 20th BiS will be releasing an yet untitled new single ,plus they will be holding their first oneman live concert [one group concert] .The concert will be titled  `IDOL is DEAD`  and promises to take the rebel group to a new level of doing things their way.

As part of the promotion there is two special gifts connected ,any fan who buy tickets for the live will be able to buy the CD in advance .But it gets much better then just an advance copy of the CD and that is an kiss from an idol.

On October 29 and 30th at the groups, record company offices [Tsubasa Records] BiS will be holding a kiss fan event. If you bring your ticket to the event, the member of your choice will kiss the ticket and leave her lipstick print on your ticket.

Plans are underway to give lipstick kisses to fans that cannot attend the live.

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  1. I really like these girls,a breath of fresh air.A kiss,a handshake,just seeing then perform would be great.


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