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Takahashi Ai To Leave Morning Musume

Takahashi Ai To Leave Morning Musume

Coming on the heels of the great momentum and renewed fan interest that was gained by the announcement of the 9th generation members; Hello!Project has managed to put that to an end ,cause some fans to announce they are jumping to AKB48 and a mix of other in shock remarks.

For me, I am not surprised and you should really prepare yourself for more to come as Morning Musume is rebuilding itself.

Earlier this evening current leader Takahashi Ai, announced her upcoming graduation from both Morning Musume and Hello!Project .

Aichan said that she was asked back when it was decided that Kamei Eri ,JunJun and LinLin would graduate ,to decide when she wanted to graduate as well.

Aichan decided that devoting ten years of her life to Morning Musume and Hello!Project was enough and that now is the time to move on.

Aichan will not be leaving Morning Musume ,immediately. She will stay on to help mold and shape the 9th generation and to prepare Risa and  Sayumi [most likely] to become Leader and Sub-Leader . It was also announced that Niigaki Risa will become the new leader after Tanahashi`s graduation.

Aichan will officially graduate at the end of Morning Musume's 2011 Autumn concert tour [in 9 months].

Aichan has had a good run ,she has been a member of this group longer then anyone else and has been the longest leader in the group's history.

Aichan will remain in entertainment after her graduation, by either continuing in music or acting or both. Her plans will be announced later.

As sad as this event will be to her fans ,it was time under the way Morning Musume works . You also have to respect her decision and how she is leaving .She could have easily done a Fujimoto Miki and walked away from this new lineup ,without them being properly prepared for the change . Instead all the way to the end ,she is showing her love ,concern and leadership , by making sure that the 9th generation are properly trained ,that Risa and Sayu[again most likely ,not official announcement] have time to prepare to take over the group.

Takahashi Ai , may not have been the most publicly outspoken leader ,however she will end her time as one of the most caring.

Extra notes
Sub Leader Note- The next sub leader will be either Sayu or Reina .It`s always been believed that Sayu was after Eri in rank .With Eri graduated ,Sayu should be next in leadership rank. Both want to be the leader of Morning Musume before their graduation.

The Up-Front chairmen Yamazaki has a lot of say in who joins and who leaves Morning Musume and has been doing so since 2006 .

Her MC announcement this evening


  1. Fujimoto Miki didn't just walk away. Yossie was there when they added new members and then she graduated (like what Takahashi is doing). Miki came clean and confirmed rumors that she was dating and resigned because of it.

  2. Mina,That was not the point I was making .I was talking about leaving suddenly and having the remaining members unprepared for the change.

    Ai herself said in an interview in the paper that Miki`s leaving left her and Risa in a position they were not ready for and it took sometime for them to get adjusted to the change.

    Ai is not doing that to Risa and Sayu ,that was the point ,I was making.

  3. *SHOCK* !!!!!!!!!!
    i wasnt ready for another grad so soon ...
    but somehow i dun feel as bad as when i heard bout eri's grad...

    ai has been in momusu for a LOOONGGG time...
    guess its time for her to move on as well..

    poor sayu.. first having to say goodbye to her best friend... now to her idol...

    ill miss ai-chan..

  4. is shocking news but guess is fair enoughto say that this was kinda expected... all i'll say is GOSH what a way to kill all the 9th gen. excitement... As for the fans that claim jumping to the AKB wagon O_o no need to denny momusu to do that, so much nonsense.

  5. completely speechless. hasn't sank in yet that she's leaving but it is about time tho. Not that i was looking to hear this. i just wished that they left it till like all the hype with the 9th gen died down a bit.

    About those fans that said their going to swich to AKB, their not really fans at all then, if they were, they'd stick around after she leaves because Morning Musume was around before she joined, and will be around, god willing, after she leaves.

    But leaving H!P as well, i think that she should become another soloist but i guess Yamazaki doesn't want that.

  6. Leaving H!P
    They are wotas and "fans" ,just looking for an excuse to leave without suffering problems with other fans ,by saying MM is over without Aichan ,saying things like it`s H!P`s Graduation ,Wota Graduation.

    Truth is Aichan`s wotas will follow her to her next project ,so everyone in advance should expect a drop in sales after she leaves .How much of a drop depends on the amount of new fans they create before the graduation.

    Sayu has been blogging that the 9th gen is really funny in the dressing room. . Now would be a good time for them to look into an AKBINGO type comedy variety show.

    If you want to get a good idea of how messed up H!P really became under Yamazaki.
    Go back and look at H!P before 2006 and compare it to when Naoki Yamazaki became chairmen of Up-Front Group in 2006 and UFG took a more active involvement in the decision making of H!P and more so Musume.

    Look at all the random and sometimes rash decisions that were made from 2006 and how much different the fan base is today then it use to be.

    There is a lot that could be said about this subject at a different time.

  7. btw... sayu is AMAZING !!!
    her premonition :o !!!!!

    ai is great :) finishing her leader-ship in a proper way :)
    preparing the other well
    thats what a leader should be doing ^^

    im disappointed.. but i guess not really sad...
    its understandable shes leaving.. i mean
    10 years... :o
    normally idols only last 4-5 years
    its amazing ^^

    no matter how many fans/wotas H!Ps gonna lose...
    i dun mind.. ill be loving H!P forever till it ends...

  8. MAN!!!!!! I seriously was shocked when I heard his news... but im not sad. just a bit pissed off!!! Not mad at tsunku or AI BUT THE CHAIRMAN...... ever since he steped in a lot has changed in H!P. And the so called fans switching to akb48... wow I mean not even funny they are jerks. I mean Ai chan has been in momusu for a while and I believe it is her time. H!P I'll support you till the end!!!!!!! XD

  9. hope theres will be EX MOMOUSU who join AKB48 as fron liners . Mabe Aichan or Koharuchan

  10. lol an ex momusu joining AKB48 will kill the whole concept of the AKB experience

  11. momusu to join akb... no! but interesting funny thought.

  12. lol indeed

    it might change AKB... but NO..


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