Sunday, December 5, 2010

Oricon Update

Oricon DEC 5,2010 Afilia Saga East Update

Yesterday was release day and it was a stacked deck with a number of powerhouse groups releasing and a number of female idol groups both large and small.

In the female ranks SKE48 came in at #2 with an impressive 86,322 .SKE48 continue to show signs of growth as this release just missed matching their total sales for their third single.

Morning Musume entered the charts at #5 with estimated sales around 15,000 +/- #3 sold 24,262 and there is traditionally a big drop off from 3 to 5.

Young [in experience] smaller idols such as Manaminorisa did not enter the top 30.

NOV 18
SKE48 drops to #4
Morning Musume took a drop to #9 , If you look at their last three singles the sales have stayed mostly the same as well as their near zero public advertising promotions.


Kimagure Princess - 16600
Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai - 16500
Seishun Collection - 15500

With no new fan support entering H!P expect their artists to sale within the range of their recent singles.For Morning Musume , 9th generation has to be strong enough to bring in new fans or sales will continue to be this way if not lower. With Idoling!!! growing they are the next challenge for Morning Musume to hold off.

NOV 19
SKE48 jumps to #3 and Morning Musume get's a boost from a signed posters campaign to move up to #4 [only 3,000 CDs count on Oricon from fan events , so the day sales are around 6,000].

SKE48 has now crossed 100,000 for the first time.

NOV 20
SKE48 Holds at #3, Musume down 1 to #5
Note next week Idoling!!! Releases "EVE" and Idoling!!! Will be having their own 12-31 countdown concert.

NOV 21
Almost forgot
NOV 21
SKE #5, Musume #9,

Weekly Update

SKE48 first week resulted in a #2 rank and sales of 119,913  ,their highest release to date  and their 4th single in their short history.

Morning Musume  after some early concerns rebounded well for a #6 rank and 42,405 .
This was their 15th single that has sold less then 50,000 in it`s first week .

In Daily news  a possible new concern for Musume is rising .For the first time ever Idoling!!! out sold Musume on the dailies .Idoling!!! "Eve" entered the charts at #2 yesterday with a first day sales of 21,898 some 5-6,000 more then what Musume`s current single did on opening day.

Idoling!!! has never been able to hold their sales and out sale  Musume for a week in the past .However with clear signs of H!P wotas starting to support the newer groups because they are fresher ,there is cause for concern.

The one problem this industry has is that if you stay  active for a long time ,wotas will turn on you and seek out fresh unknown idols . Most groups only last 3-5 years on average , which makes what Musume has accomplished truly impressive.

Forgot to add that SDN48 was #1 daily with 34,348

DEC 1 ,2010

AKB48 "Beginner" 940,114
SKE48 "1,2,3,4, Yoroshiku" 134,017
SDN48 "GAGAGA" 63,627
Morning Musume 47,204
Idoling!!! "Eve" 39,923

New Adds for Dec 1,2010

Day Chart

C-Ute 'Aitai Loneu Christmas" #6
9nine "Cross Over" #20
Musume Album "Fantasy Juuichi" #12

Being picked as next breakout artists by magazine writers
Momoiro Clover, SuperGirls, TGS, bumpy, Passpo, Manaminorisa,YuiKaori,

I was asked about how Afilia Saga East is doing ,They had moved up to 28 last I checked .This has made several members excited as they could end up top 50 for the week.


  1. Well to be fair they haven't even sung this song live and ske48 has

  2. True that but they really haven't been promoting as much as they used too. Same for berryz. I think they only went to one radio station and two shows that most likely were morning shows. They need more public events if they want new fans and old ones too stay.

  3. hmzz.... momusu's 9th gen indeed has to be strong >_<
    especially since the 3 funniest of momusu are leaving...

    H!P Gamabatte !!!
    h!p has to promote more.......
    ive hardly ever seen berryz or cute on shows or w/e .....

  4. True H!P doesn't promote much and it's killing them... well not really more like they ain't getting money. lol.
    H!p needs to step it up especially the ninth generation but The day of kamei,lin,jun's graduation I will be in tears for about hmmm a LONG time.

  5. i agree.. ill be sooo depressed then... for at least a week.. maybe 2...
    1 before their grad. and 1 after... xD

    but im sure H!P can rise in the charts if they promote more and better.... im sure theyll be able to reach no.1 again..

    got the feeling tsunku is focusing too much on the nice girl project... lol

    wonder if the 9th gen can compensate the lost of the 3... :(
    lol poor 9th gen... they arent there yet.. and theyve already got such a huge burden on them xD

  6. H!P`s problem is that Up-Front is not a music first or only company as the other groups are signed under .

    The 48`s are under an agency devoted just to them ,the members are signed to individual promotional management agencies ,who promote the girls outside of AKB48 activities , putting them in movies ,dramas , variety shows and MC of TV shows. They have a high level of jobs and endorsements outside of AKB .

    The other young groups are signed to idol first companies , Idoling!!! Is supported by Fuji TV and it`s members are under the same management contracts as AKB48 and come from promotional agencies into Idoling!!! [Some even work for the same agencies that AKB members are signed with] .

    Momoiro Clover members have been child actors years before they became a group .The industry has changed in the last 5-6 years to a different type of idol and H!P didn`t change with it.

  7. wait till the 9th gen comes... and when the promo starts.. (if thatll ever happen.. xD)

    tsunku better chose some good members....

  8. @road k, Gaki
    True that!!
    The ninth generation will help boost momusu!! but seriously wotas are cruel.. In other words wotas will leave their wife(groups that they have loved for a long time) and go for the secretary(newer younger groups) LOL!!! hope that made sense but still. H!P GAMBARE!!!!! :)

  9. @ Jenny using your example here
    Once that love leaves, the once faithful, find a new love like the new shy office girl in the corner all alone [new -lesser-known idol groups], who can keep their love a secret. Because of this the Indies are growing in importance .She may never be a Musume or an AKB type wife , but that’s not the point ,she just wants to be loved ,even if that means it`s a secret love shared just between them.

  10. @ jenny xD
    ROFLOL XD but true that XD

    ill stay faithfull to them xD
    wont ever leave H!P for others xD hahaha

  11. lol i bet afilia saga release didn't even make it in to the charts XDDD

    mmmm i approve this new wave of support for the not so big or popular but very talented idol groups... oh but i don't trust oricon numbers to prove anything

  12. Small Indies don’t score high on the regular Oricon chart as they only produce 1,000-2,500 CDs total ,some even go as low as 300-500 . It depends on the company they work for, fan size, how active they are inside and outside Tokyo, a number of things affect the Oricon rankings.

    Starmarie for example very active group gets regular top 10 Oricon Indies singles, yet on the regular chart they rank #148 -#180.


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