Sunday, June 27, 2010

Scandal : Taiyou to Kimi ga Egaku STORY [updated]

In my own personal life, I come from a rock music background and I am a big Scandal fan .In fact my two favorite female bands right now are the Pop/Rock Idols Scandal and the Visual Kei Ladies of Exist Trace.

Scandal is different from most Idol groups as they are a true band, who write their own songs and of course play their own instruments very well in fact. Lead Guitarist Sasazaki Mami who just turned 20, 6 days ago can hold her own with any female guitarist and some men.

Scandal has everything working for them right now, looks, talent and great songs .Even their filler tracks are top quality. On June 2, Scandal will be releasing their sixth single "Taiyou to Kimi ga Egaku STORY".

For those who are unfamiliar with the group, before moving to Tokyo, they were an Indy label band based in Osaka .The members of Scandal are

Name: Ono Haruna [Leader]
Instruments: Main Vocals & Rhythm Guitar
Birthday: 1988/08/10

Name: Sasazaki Mami
Instruments: Lead Guitar & Vocal
Birthday: 1990/05/21

Name: Suzuki Rina
Instruments: Drums & Vocal
Birthday: 1991/08/21

Name: Ogawa Tomomi
Instruments: Bass & Vocal
Birthday: 1990/05/31

Scandal is a solid up and coming Idol/Band and one to keep an eye on. If you are a fan of the former group Zone, then you should find Scandal to your tastes.

UPDATED -Replaced deleted videos

Taiyou to Kimi ga Egaku STORY

Scandal Covering Zone`s Secret Base

My #1 song by Scandal Shunkan Sentimental

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