Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Momoiro Clover Special Live Broadcast.

Momoiro Clover Special Live Broadcast.

On June 26, Clover held a special live Nico Nico Full Concert.

EDIT: Please follow the link below and not the above video link

You can watch the entire concert here.

Momoiro Clover Special Live Broadcast

Because the concert contains 11 parts and could be deleted at any time by You Tube, I am not going to post each video part here in this post instead, you can watch every part through the above link that I have included, plus see  the in concert announcement that Clover as a group will star in a horror film.

If you have never experienced a Clover live, you should watch this broadcast .Their lives are not as big as say Morning Musume, they are more like Indy level concerts, and are high energy and fun. It`s only time before they leave their Akiba roots for bigger venues.

Special Bonus
Subbed Clover at Kawaii Japan

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