Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ayarin loves S/mileage

Ayarin loves S/mileage

AKB48 member Kikuchi Ayaka posted in her blog that she loves S/mileage. Ayarin loves S/mileage so much that she is trying to learn their new single, but keeps messing up the lyrics. She said that the members had a good thin style and in her own words her feelings on the members of S/mileage are “ they’re cute, they’re perfect ,I want to be like that LOL ,Continuing from that, I’m repeating the video”.

Seems like S/mileage has a new wota named Ayarin .LOL

With Michishige Sayumi coming out a few days ago expressing her love for AKB48 along with her already known love for Idoling!!! , seems that Idols are each other’s biggest fans outside of their traditional fan base.

Looks like the only rivalry between AKB48 and Hello! Project is between their fans.

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