Friday, June 25, 2010

Tokyo Girls’ Style 3rd Single PV

TGS has a new single   Ganbatte Itsu Datte Shinjiteru [I always believe in luck] scheduled for release on July 21.  For a group that is young as they are, they have wonderful voices; however, they are slow out of the gates in terms of sales. This is likely AVEX one mistake with this unit so far as they released them without any Independent build up and instead are having them build a fan base off of each single.

While AVEX is letting the group build a fan base off each single, they are not wasting anytime, as this is their third single since May 5.  With no real fan base prior to their first release to support the group, I would not be surprised if AVEX releases a new single for them, every other month for the rest of this year

On related news

On April 29, 2010, the group was the opening act for label-mate AAA's AAA Heart to Heart Tour 2010 tour stop. More events like that and TGS will not have to worry about building a fan base.

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