Monday, June 28, 2010

Girl`s Day Maknae Member Min Ah Preview

Dream Tea Entertainment the company that is behind Girl`s Day have started to release videos on each member .Again a very creative way of promoting a new unit. JPop could learn a few things in regards to promotions from their Korean neighbors.

First up is the maknae [youngest] Min Ah.

As of now Dream Tea is being very guarded with the groups songs , giving no previews at all .Instead they are using other artists .For example Min Ah video feature uses Jason Marz .

I really like Min Ah`s facial expressions in the flash mob dances, so far everything this agency is doing is sparking my interest in the group, I hope the final product, will not be a disappointment.

In her second preview we do get a preview of her voice, again singing another artists song.

Min Ah passes the vocal test, even with a little feedback from the speakers and surroundings. Hard to control a street live quality.

Interesting side story, some Korean fan sites are debating if she is related to G-Dragon, with claims that her face has shared features to him. Guess that news will come later if true.

What do you think ?

EDIT-A loyal reader of Pure Idol Heart and fan of G-Dragon has confirmed that he has no younger sister. However, she does look like him some, so I can see how the rumor or wishful thinking by fan girls could have started.

Min Ah`s Bio
She was born in 1993 and is currently 17, 2 yrs older then I guessed, lol. She was recruited two years ago to start training for Girl`s Day and has been trained as an Idol/actress, so we should be seeing her in dramas as her popularity grows. Min Ah comes in at a height of 164cm and 47kg. Min Ah has personally expressed that she is really stressed out ahead of their imminent debut, but she will live courageously because this is a dream for hers and she will show everyone her best side.

Wonder who we will get a preview of next ?


  1. You guessed right! She is the youngest! LOL~

    She's the same age as my sister~ ZOMG... O___O

    She's not related to G-Dragon... Due to my love for Big Bang and artists from YG Entertainment I'm confident I have some basic knowledge of all the five boys in the group...LOL "XD

    G-Dragon has an elder sister but no younger siblings.

    But I have to admit Min-Ah bears some resemblance to GD in that second picture.

  2. And that fake camera necklace!!! I've seen Big Bang Seungri wear that during Big Bang shooting a CF for Baskin Robins!! He wore it during an Mnet interview of that CF shoot...LOL

    (I am too much of a hardcore fan....XD)

  3. LoL . Nothing wrong with being hardcore. Normally I do not post rumors, but she does have a look a like face and it was getting a lot of play, I will edit it to match what you told me. I didn`t know either way. I knew one of my readers would know.

    Edit-I never thought of posting his picture to for a compare shot ,LOL


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