Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Momoiro Clover To Star In A Horror Film.

Momoiro Clover To Star In A Horror Film.

On June 26, Clover held a special live Nico Nico Full Concert.

In this concert, Clover learned that they had unknowingly filmed a horror movie.

Earlier this month the members of Momoiro Clover went to do some film work. They were originally told that it was for a television program. The show was purportedly a special about ghost spots, so they filmed at an abandoned school in the Tochigi prefecture. Horror Director Shiraishi Koji wanted to film the girl’s true emotions, so they were told that were filming only a television show.

In truth the members were filming a documentary style horror film called “Shirome” The film is based on the girls “fake” filming event and the story is centered on the members who as they filmed for the” fake TV show” trespass into an abandoned school in an attempt to have their wishes granted by a mysterious entity known as "Shirome."

The documentary style film will capture the girls true emotions as the filming took place.

"Shirome" will begin playing in theaters on August 13.

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