Wednesday, June 23, 2010

BREAKING :Okada Yui No Longer An Idol

Okada Yui has announced that she is leaving the Idol world. She said in her statement that she admired the women and men who designed the hair and makeup for Hello!Project artists .She was impressed with how they made everyone look so cute and has decided that is the path that she is now to walk and to become a certified stylist.

Yui was my favorite member of the Ishikawa Rika solo project, I mean Biyuuden. She was also in my opinion the least appreciated person not named Konno Asami, who won that award in my opinion.

I really do not blame her for leaving really, if you look at it, what really outside of a few in the Elders Group has done anything since they were pushed to the side.

We could be sad about this and say don’t go Yui , but the truth is the agency had nothing for her and she had nothing left for them ,so we should be thankful for what she gave us as an idol and happy that she is leaving on her own terms and not renewing her contract.

The idol world can be harsh, dirty and heartless at times and leaving is not always on your own terms, something that Yui has been able to do it seems.

Best of luck Yui, maybe one day we will be seeing Idols or an actress that you helped look cute that day.

Yui`s last day as an Idol will be June 30 when her contract runs out

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